The Bridge Project is a new filmmaking community group set up by Woolgather Films and supported by established companies to help facilitate the production of short films in and around Manchester.

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By pooling talent & equipment, we aim to bypass the majority of costs involved in the making of short films.

Traditionally there are two routes to making shorts -

  • Gather your mates, blag what you can and get filming


  • Apply for funding through BFI and the like.


Both methods have pros and cons.

The Bridge Project offers a third route. By partnering with rental houses and production companies we will nurture new talent through open submissions.

We will eventually produce 6 new exceptional shorts a year.

The other aim of The Bridge Project is to address difficulties in new voices being heard within the industry. Reports, commissioned by the BFI, found a 'Culture of nepotism' within the British film industry.

So if you'd like to help create an amazing film, no matter which role you have a passion for, The Bridge Project is for you!

What we need from you:

Just one weekend from your year. By offering your time and skills, combining them with others and throwing in some exceptional equipment and locations, we are able to get rid of restrictive costs and just make something amazing!

How it works:

Phase 1 - THE DATABASE -

Sign up to The Bridge Project database

From this, we'll assemble the cast and crew of each film so from actors to directors, get on board!


Scriptwriters submit their scripts they would like to see made. Open to ALL.

Our first submission period is now over. Submissions will re-open in early 2020, ready for our second production.

Phase 3 - PRODUCTION -

We choose our favourite script, gather a crew, and get it made!

Our trainee system means each department will have a trainee, so even if you're looking for experience, The Bridge Project is for you!

Our very first project will go into production in early 2020

We also hold monthly networking events. So if you're looking to meet new people in the industry, come along, we'd love to meet you!

Like our Facebook page to keep up to date with submissions, productions and events.

And sign up to our database here.


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